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Just a few reasons... [Apr. 20th, 2004|03:35 pm]
Basil Rathbone community


...to love Basil Rathbone.

  • His amazing baritone voice.
  • ...reading Poe's "The Raven"..."Take thy BEAK from out my HEART and take thy FORM from off my DOOR!!" *shiver*
  • Holmes' piercing gaze.
  • Those horribly corny movies from the 60's that he made to support his wife and family.
  • Because even though they had transparent plots and hideous costumes and effects, he still gave his best performance.
  • Because any celebrity who stays married for 43 years has got to have something special about them.
  • He was arrested for promoting public awareness to homosexuality - in the 20's.
  • Because he preferred speaking at college campuses where the audience was not so "highbrow."
  • Because although he had already served in WWI, he still tried to serve in WWII.
  • His story about meeting his most famous role, "Daydream."
  • Because, Watson, "As you may have noticed, throughout time, prominent men have prominent noses."
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    [User Picture]From: sherlockfan
    2005-04-17 10:23 pm (UTC)

    Dawn Patrol

    Hey y'all
    How many of you have seen "The Dawn Patrol"? I saw it on Turner Classic Movies the other night and I was completely floored when Basil Rathbone got overly excited when his character found out that he was to be promoted. I had NEVER seen a scene where Rathbone was so animated before. I'm used to seeing him in his Sherlock Holmes roles where he is all stiff and serious. It was quite amusing to me. It also made me wonder if there were any othere movies where Rathbone acted so jovial? What do you say?
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